Sponsorship Rates and Packages

All sponsors will be listed on the IPAC’18 website and Conference abstract book.  
For Sponsorship please contact Aurelia Laxdal at

New! "Lunch & Learn"
Sponsorship event - with “Thank You” room sponsorship signage for the entire day.

We are now offering a "Lunch & Learn" - sponsorship event during the conference on: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - limited to one company or delegation per day.

You can host your private luncheon where you present to a captured delegate audience – of your choosing – for up to an hour.

We offer the room in the hotel conference area, with the equipment for the presentation(s), and with seats & tables setup for guests and presenters - up to 60 people - for CAD$5,000. Please note: the food and drinks are not included in the price - we leave this up to the exhibitors/delegations to decide on the menu and order it from the hotel. We could provide contact information for the hotel catering.

Industrial Sponsorship Packages

Registration:   Opens Oct. 12 (6am Pacific Time)
                                         Until sold out


Platinum Packages - three available                       $25,000 CDN
Gold Packages - three available                                $20,000 CDN
Silver Packages - unlimited available                      $15,000 CDN

A la Carte Sponsorships

Registration: Opens Oct. 27 (6am Pacific Time)
                                         Until sold out

Multiple options available ranging from $1000 CDN to $10000 CDN


For further information about the Industrial Sponsorship Program, please contact Aurelia Laxdal directly at 604-222-7600 or via email at exhibitors@ipac18.org