Invited Talks

MC Title Primary speaker Affil
1 Potential and Issues for Next Generation and Ultimate Colliders Stephen Brooks BNL
1 Colliding Heavy Ions in the LHC John M. Jowett CERN
1 Ideas and Concepts for Future Electron-Ion Colliders Fulvia Pilat ORNL
1 Operation of the Round Beams Collider VEPP-2000 at High Luminosity in the Specified Energy Range Dmitry Shwartz BINP SB RAS
1 A Review of DAFNE Performances During the KLOE-2 Run Catia Milardi INFN/ LNF
1 eRHIC Design Status Christoph Montag BNL
1 Beam Loss Background and Collimator Design in CEPC Double Ring Sha Bai IHEP
1 FCC: Colliders at the Energy Frontier Michael Benedikt CERN
1 Results of UFO Dynamics Studies With Beam in the LHC Bjorn Lindstrom CERN
1 Beam-Beam Studies for Super Proton-Proton Collider Kazuhito Ohmi KEK
1 Landau Damping by Electron Lenses: Outperforming Thousands of Octupoles Alexey Burov Fermilab
2 Towards Full Performance Operation of SwissFEL Thomas Schietinger PSI
2 FEL Performance Achieved at European XFEL Matthias Scholz DESY
2 Performance of the First LCLS-II Cryomodules: Issues and Solutions Nikolay Solyak Fermilab
2 Toward 10 fs Timing Stability of PAL-XFEL Chang-Ki Min PAL
2 A Proposal for Coherent Hard X-Ray Generation Based on Two-Stage EEHG Zhentang Zhao SINAP
2 Development of Very Short Period Undulators Shigeru Yamamoto KEK
2 Pulse by Pulse Multi-XFEL Beamline Operation with Ultra-Short Laser Pulses Toru Hara RIKEN Spring-8 Center
2 Towards Attosecond Science at LCLS and LCLS-II Agostino Marinelli SLAC
2 12 GeV CEBAF Initial Operational Experience and Challenges Michael Spata JLab
2 Status of Radiation Damage on the European XFEL Undulator Systems Frederik Wolff-Fabris XFEL.EU
2 The CERN Gamma Factory Initiative: An Ultra-High Intensity Gamma-Source Mieczyslaw Witold Krasny LPNHE
2 Inverse Free-Electron-Laser Based Inverse Compton Scattering: an All-Optical 5th Generation Light Source James Rosenzweig UCLA
2 The Upgrade of the Advanced Photon Source: A 4th Generation Diffraction-limited Light Source Aimin Xiao ANL
2 Touschek Lifetime Studies at Ultra-Low Horizontal Emittance Boris Podobedov BNL
2 Status of the ESRF-Extremely Brilliant Source Project Jean-Luc Revol ESRF
2 Sirius Status Report Regis Neuenschwander LNLS
3 Status and Prospects for the AWAKE Experiment Marlene Turner CERN
3 Study of Ultra-High Gradient Acceleration in Carbon Nanotube Arrays Javier Resta Cockcroft Institute
3 Status of Plasma-Based Experiments at the SPARC_LAB Test Facility Enrica Chiadroni INFN/ LNF
3 Beam Quality Limitations of Plasma-Based Accelerators Angel Ferran Pousa DESY
3 Applications of Light Sources Driven by Laser-Wakefield Acceleration Felicie Albert LLNL
3 CBETA, the 4-Turn ERL with SRF and Single Return Loop Georg Hoffstaetter Cornell University
3 First Demonstration of an All-Dielectric Two-Beam Acceleration in K-Band Jiahang Shao ANL
3 Optically-pumped Polarized H- and 3 He++ Ion Sources Development at RHIC Anatoli Zelenski BNL
3 Re-Acceleration of Ultra Cold Muons in J-PARC Muon Facility Yasuhiro Kondo JAEA/J-PARC
3 Radioactive Ion Beams: A Global Overview of Facilities and New Techniques Alexander Gottberg TRIUMF
3 Pespectives in High Intensity Heavy Ion Sources for Future Heavy Ion Accelerators Liangting Sun IMP/CAS
4 FRIB Front End Construction and Commissioning Eduard Pozdeyev FRIB
4 Status of the FAIR project Peter Spiller GSI
4 40 Years of Electron Cooling at CERN Gerard Tranquille CERN
4 Evolution of the SNS Superconducting Linac Output Energy Sang-Ho Kim ORNL
4 Analysis of Polarization Decay at RHIC Stores Haixin Huang BNL
4 Commissioning of ADS CW SRF Linac Demo Zhijun Wang IMP/CAS
4 Beam Commissioning of the IFMIF EVEDA Very High Power RFQ Enrico Fagotti INFN/LNL
4 Beam Commissioning of CSNS Sheng Wang IHEP
4 High Power Beam Operation of the J-PARC RCS and Main Ring Yoichi Sato KEK
4 PIP-II Injector Test Warm Front End: Commissioning Update Lionel Prost Fermilab
4 Challenges of FAIR Phase 0 Mei Bai GSI
4 Accelerator Physics Advances in FRIB Peter Ostroumov FRIB
5 XFEL Impedance Effects and Mitigation Martin Dohlus DESY
5 Observations of Higher-Order-Mode Effects in SCRF Cavities on Electron Beam Quality Alex Lumpkin Fermilab
5 Reduction of Impedance while Maintaining the Performance of Present Kicker Magnet at RCS Yoshihiro Shobuda JAEA/J-PARC
5 ORBIT Simulation, Measurement, Mitigation of Transverse Beam Instability In Strong Space Charge Pranab Saha JAEA/J-PARC
5 Review of Injection Schemes for Electron Storage Rings and Synchrotrons Masamitsu Aiba PSI
5 Compensation of Insertion Device Induced Emittance Variations in Ultralow Emittance Storage Rings Fernando Sannibale LBNL
5 IBS studies at BESSY II and MLS Tom Mertens HZB
5 Optimization of the Nica Collider Dynamic Aperture Using Genetic Algorithm Kseniia Kariukina BINP
5 Suppressing CSR Microbunching in Recirculation Arcs Cheng-Ying Tsai SLAC
5 Applications of Caustic Methods to Longitudinal Phase Space Matches in Recirculating Systems Tessa Charles U. Melbourne
5 New Features of Beamstruhlung Important for Crab-Waist e+e- Colliders Valery Telnov BINP SB RAS
5 Low Impedance Collimators for the HL-LHC Nicolo Biancacci CERN
5 Generation of High-Power Tunable THz Radiation from Laser Interation with Relativistic Electron Beam Zhen Zhang SLAC
5 Muon Beam Dynamics and Spin Dynamics in the g-2 Storage Ring David Rubin Cornell University
5 First Demonstration of Ionization Cooling in MICE Tanaz Angelina Mohayai IIT
6 Beam Instrumentation and Controls for High Repetition-rate Superconducting Linacs Timothy John Maxwell SLAC
6 Transverse and Longitudinal Bunch-By-Bunch Feedback for Storage Rings Takeshi Nakamura JASRI/Spring-8
6 Beam Diagnostics for the APS MBA Upgrade Nick Sereno ANL
6 Impact of a Wideband Feedback Prototype System on TMCI in the SPS Wolfgang Höfle CERN
6 Performance of Nanometre-Level Resolution Cavity Beam Position Monitors at ATF2 Talitha Bromwich JAI
6 6D Beam Measurement, Challenges and Possibilities Alexander V. Aleksandrov ORNL
6 Optical Diagnostics for Extreme Beam Conditions Ralph Fiorito Liverpool
6 Proof of Principle Experiment for Single Shot Transverse Phase Space Measurement Gwanghui Ha PAL
6 Applying Artificial Intelligence to Accelerators Alex Scheinker LANL
6 Recent Applications of Neural Network-Based Approaches to Modeling & Control of Accelerators Auralee Edelen CSU
6 RF Controls of High Loaded Q Cavities for the LCLS-II Carlos Serrano LBNL
6 Phase 2 Results of LumiBelle2 for the SuperKEKB Electron Ring Salvatore Di Carlo LAL
6 Reliability and Availability of Particle Accelerators: Concepts, Lessons, Strategy Andrea Apollonio CERN
6 Fast Kicker for High Current Beam Manipulation: Experimental Results Vaagn Gambaryan BINP SB RAS
6 Application of Carbon Nanotube Wire for Beam Profile Measurement of Negative Hydrogen Ion Beam Akihiko Miura JAEA/ J-PARC
6 Observation of Saw-Tooth Effect Orbit in the VEPP-4 m Collider Dasha Leshenok NSU
7 Development of a Gas Stripper at RIKEN Hiroshi Imao RIKEN
7 Multi-MW Targets for Next-Generation Accelerators Robert Miles Zwaska Fermilab
7 Primary Study of High-Power Graphene Beam Window Haijing Wang IHEP
7 Overview of Fabrication Techniques and Lessons Learned With Accelerator Vacuum Windows Christine Ader Fermilab
7 Results on the FCC-hh Beam Screen at the KIT Electron Storage Ring KARA Luis Antonio Gonzalez CERN
7 Development/Test of 15T Model Dipole for Very High Energy Hadron Collider Alexander V Zlobin Fermilab
7 Final-Focus Superconducting Magnets for SuperKEKB Norihito Ohuchi KEK
7 Towards Implementation of Laser Engineered Surface Structures for Electron Cloud Mitigation Monika Sitko CERN
7 High-Power High-Gradient Testing of mm-Wave Standing-Wave Accelerating Structures Emilio Nanni SLAC
7 Advanced SRF Cavity Diagnostics: Commissioning Results of Temperature & Magnetic Field Mapping Julia Köszegi HZB
7 Testing of the ESS MB IOT Prototypes Morten Jensen ESS
7 Development and Operational Experience of APS Superconducting Undulators Efim Gluskin ANL
7 RF System for FRIB Accelerators Dan Morris FRIB
7 Design, Fabrication, and Measurement of ESS Superconducting Spoke Cavities Sebastien Bousson IPN
7 Pathway to High Gradients in Superconducting rf Cavities by Avoiding Flux Dissipation Alexander Romanenko Fermilab
7 Nb3sn Multicell Cavity Coating at JLab Uttar Pudasaini William and Mary
7 Solid-State Pulse Generator Driving Twin Kicker Magnets for Novel Injection System Takahiro Inagaki RIKEN Spring-8 Center
8 Review on Accelerator Based Compact Neutron Sources Hirohiko Shimizu Nagoya University
8 Commercial Applications of High-Yield Accelerator-Based Neutron Generators Ross Radel PNL
8 EBIS-Based Low-Energy Accelerator for Fine-Focussed Ion Beams Mike Schmidt DREEBIT
8 Design and Simulation Tools for the High-Intensity Industrial Rhodotron Electron Accelerator Willem Kleeven IBA
8 Superconducting Gantry for Carbon Ion Radiotherapy Yoshiyuki Iwata NIRS
8 Cyclotron-Based Production of Metallic Radionuclides for Medical Application Paul Schaffer TRIUMF
8 Betatron Core Slow Extraction at CNAO Luciano Falbo CNAO Foundation
8 The South African Isotope Facility Jacobus Conradie iThemba LABS
8 KlyLac Prototyping for Borehole Logging Alexei Smirnov RadiaBeam
9 Report on SuperKEKB Phase 2 Commissioning Yukiyoshi Ohnishi KEK
9 ARIEL at TRIUMF: Science and Technology Jonathan Bagger TRIUMF
9 Status and Future Strategy for Advanced High Power Microwave Sources for Accelerators Frank Gerigk CERN
9 The LCLS-II: A High Power Upgrade to the LCLS John Galayda SLAC
9 The Path to LBNF Sergei Nagaitsev Fermilab
9 Review of FEL Science Junko Yano LBNL
9 Applications of Compact Accelerators in Space for National Security Bruce Carlsten LANL
9 Hidden Sectors: from Cosmos to Accelerators Stefania Gori University of Cincinnati
E The Kilogram Redefined Alan Steele NRC