JACoW Publication

This is the regular path of paper submission and publication for the IPAC.

The conference proceedings of this IPAC edition will be published at the JACoW website.

Contributed oral presentations and poster presentations may be up to 3 pages long. An extra page is allowed for references.

Invited papers may be up to 5 pages. An extra page is allowed for references.

Slides for all oral presentations must adopt the 16:9 aspect ratio (the standard for modern projection systems). Slides are landscape orientation.

The IPAC'18 Proceedings will be prepared electronically: guidelines and templates for the preparation and submission of contributions are published at this site.

The electronic files of contributions to the proceedings will be processed prior to and during the conference, and authors will be informed of their acceptance without delay. Processing of contributions will follow the order of their presentation during the week.

It is expected that a pre-press set of papers, without author index or table of contents, will be available at or shortly after the conference and the final proceedings will be published at the JACoW site in a timely manner.


Past IPAC Websites

Here is an archive of preceding IPAC websites.

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