Terms & Conditions

Summary of Terms and Conditions for Sponsorship and Industrial Exhibition

The IPAC'18 Local Organizing Committee and Levy Show Service Inc. have put together an Exhibitor Service Manual for local logistics such as loading and unloading, booth installation and dismantling, furniture rentals, etc.

Exhibitors are required to agree with the complete Terms and Conditions, as well as comply with JW Marriott parq Vancouver rules and regulations.


A C$500 administrative fee will be charged for cancellations received on or before January 31, 2018. No refunds will be given for cancellations made after January 31, 2018.  

Cancellations must be made in writing via email to exhibitors@ipac18.org


Shipping Information
For shipping instructions, please contact:

Vaugan Bevis
TEL: 604.277.1726


Booth Etiquette
During Exhibition opening hours, booths should be attended by an authorized representative, technically qualified to explain and demonstrate the equipment or services displayed.

The Event Host reserves the right to remove any display that, because of noise or other objectionable features, detracts from the scientific and educational nature of the exhibit.

Exhibitors are not permitted to sublet booths or portions of booths to non-registered companies or individuals.


The Exhibitor assumes all responsibility for compliance with all pertinent ordinances, resolutions and codes of duly authorized local, state, and federal governing bodies concerning fire, safety and health, together with the rules and regulations of the JW Marriott parq Vancouver.


Storage, set up and dismantling
Because of the limited storage space we cannot guarantee to fulfill all requirements concerning the storage of exhibit materials. Please take this into consideration for the delivery of your material. TRIUMF, JW Marriott parq Vancouver, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), American Physical Society (APS), Levy Show Services Inc. assume no liability for damage and theft.


The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend TRIUMF, IEEE, American Physical Society (APS), and JW Marriott parq Vancouver, Levy Show Services Inc. and their respective members, officers, directors, agents, and employees (“indemnities”) from and against all liabilities, damages, actions, losses, claims and expenses (inclusive of attorney’s fees) on account of personal injury, death, or damage to or loss of property or profits arising out of or contributed to by any act, omission, negligence, fault or violation of law or ordinance by the Exhibitor or its employees, agents, contractors, patrons, or invitees.