Women In Science and Engineering

At IPAC'18, we are excited to host an event that celebrates and supports women in the science and engineering industries. On Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 18:30-21h00, we will be hosting an event that brings women in science and engineering together to discuss resources, challenges, and role models in their workplaces. Throughout the evening, we will explore the issues that women might face and discuss best practices to promote equal and inclusive opportunities.

Deadline for registration - April 23, 2018.


If you aspire to run a workplace that truly takes advantage of all the best people available, what does it take to create an environment in which women can thrive in a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) environment?

This evening is dedicated to understanding the best workplace practices to promote equal and inclusive opportunities. We will explore many aspects of this topic, from hiring to promotions to leadership. This dialogue requires many perspectives: men and women's, students and corporate management's, as well as voices across the world. The event will unfold in two halves, over dinner and coffee.

First, we will hear from experts in the field.  Dr. Grace Wong-Sneddon, Advisor to the Provost on Diversity and Equity, UVic, will describe steps taken at the University of Victoria to improve the hiring, tenure, and retention of female faculty. We will also have one other speaker, still to be determined.

Second, we will bring the discussion to you. Panelists will be seated at each table to lead round-table discussions on different facets of this discussion. The panelists will rotate, to allow more opportunity for different viewpoints and for networking.

Dr. Grace Wong-Sneddon

Dr. Grace Wong-Sneddon

Tentative Program:

Tuesday, May 1st in the Fairview Ballroom

6:30 PM Drinks on the Fairview Terrace
7:00 PM Speeches and dinner in the Fairview Ballroom
8:00 PM Expert-led discussions and coffee
9:00 PM End of event